One of the most important parts of completing a renovation is having money available when you need it. We offer flexible renovation financing options with just that in mind, including loans, lines of credit, and our unique renovation mortgage.

Choosing the best financing option for your next project starts with a conversation with a lending specialist. 

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Lines of Credit

Renovation Mortgages

Borrow a lump sum for your one-time renovation needs and choose from flexible terms and 
repayment options.

Rates starting at 8.20%*

A flexible option that allows you to access money as you need it. Pay interest only on what you use, with the ability to use again for future projects.

Rates starting at 8.20%*

Tap into your home’s equity or leverage the value of your home upon renovation completion. Offering our best renovation financing rates and flexible payment options.

5.70%* 5-year fixed

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Annual Percentage Rate. *Rates subject to change without notice. Conditions may apply. Current rates as of September 11, 2023.

Featuring our renovation mortgage

A renovation mortgage means flexibility, and the ability to accomplish your goals with a manageable debt level. Our lending specialists will help you customize your renovation mortgage to suit your project needs.

30-year maximum

Choose variable or fixed

Prepayment privileges

Spread out the cost of your renovation over the length of your mortgage

Make additional payments, up to 20% of the initial mortgage value per year, for fixed rate and variable closed mortgages

Lock in with a fixed rate, or choose between our variable rate options

Watch our renovation video to learn all about renovation financing, including the benefits of renovating, how to calculate home equity, and your financing options at SCU. 

Plus, you can also download a PDF of our renovation guidebook to follow along and take notes in as you watch. You can print this book or fill it out as a PDF.

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Considering a home renovation? Here's what you need to know.

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